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We need your support for an agile international English LisZy starting in Autumn 2024

VoiceMap Project

"Stories that move you" – this encapsulates the core mission of the VoiceMap Platform.

For us, this involves crafting immersive 'Learning Stories' to collaboratively develop tours abundant with narratives that captivate audiences, both on-site and online. We employ eduScrum as our agile approach to this form of learning and product development.

The objective is to foster agile learning practices and collaborative development, utilizing the CLIL approach (Content and Language Integrated Learning) to strengthen the English communication skills of our students.

Are you experienced or interested in implementing an agile learning or eduScrum approach within your learning environment? Are you seeking an international, agile learning experience for yourself and/or your students?

We would be delighted to collaborate with learners from around the world to craft engaging learning journeys, offering insightful glimpses into our learning projects and environments, while also embracing diverse cultures and perspectives.

Feel free to reach out to us at to embark on more exciting LisZy experiences together!

eduScrum & Scrum Training

By the way, we love sharing learning experiences and providing practical insights into our LisZy work, which is based on eduScrum.

Teaching agile learning and learning product development without actually collaboratively creating something is like taking swimming lessons without getting wet. It simply doesn't make sense to us.

In our open LisZy/eduScrum & Scrum training sessions, you'll also have the opportunity to contribute to this exciting project! Interested? Feel free to write to us at!

See here how it works

Are you on board? If so, take contact with us: and we'll make it happen together...

What inspired us...

About the Tour

"Set in one of the most stunning locations in Cape Town, this scenic tour combines fascinating facts about the human and natural history of Rhodes Memorial and the surrounding foothills of Devil’s Peak. This tour was created by students at Cedar House Prep School, as part of their school curriculum. Expect interesting insights into the life and legacy of the famous and controversial mining magnate, beautiful local plants and flowers, as well as spectacular views of the city, the mountain and the sea."


Tea House Center

We are looking forward to starting a first international LisZy experience together with the Tea House Center Bucharest in Summer 2024!

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